Who am I

I have been interested in computers from an early age, it started with hardware, and came into contact with software code for the first time when I was 11 years old.

At the moment I am going to the third grade of the Technology College Rotterdam and I am studying Software Developer. This means, among other things, that you have to program, and everything that comes with it.

I also like to sit in front of the computer to play video games and spend a lot of time programming in my spare time. In addition, I have been working at GAMMA as a sales employee since April 2019 and I started at Coolblue in December 2021.

Maurice Boendermaker
Maurice Boendermaker about foto

What I do

A programmer, or software developer, is someone who writes computer software. That's exactly what I do. I am involved in developing websites and making apps.

I am currently working with the management of the Techniek College Rotterdam on a so-called "Progress Tool App" for all 18,000+ students at Zadkine/TCR. I am also involved in the new student tracking system of the TCR.



My interests

When I'm not working or doing school, I spend a lot of my free time behind my gaming PC.

Not only do I play video games, but I also enjoy programming in my spare time, or doing research into software development.

I also enjoy building computers or helping friends with their IT problems.

I am also a licensed drone pilot. I fly both a professional drone and a 200 km/h racing drone.


I have worked with programming languages in the past. I hope that this can be further developed during my studies.
I try to show this as best as possible by means of a few progress bars.




Working area

Computer skills


CSS / Sass




2020 - present:
Techniek College Rotterdam - Software Developer
(MBO level 4)
2019 - 2020:
Passer College Rotterdam
2017 - 2018:
IJsselcollege Capelle a/d IJssel
2015 - 2017:
Het Lyceum Rotterdam - Direction of Science

Work experience

Dec. 2021 - present:
Apr. 2019 - Mar. 2022:
Sales employee
May. - Jul. 2021:
The Dare Company
Internship Full-Stack Web Developer

Several projects, including:
Aug. - Oct. 2018:
PLUS van Driel
Filling shift employee
Mar. 2018:
ICT United